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For virginity is not praiseworthy because it is found in martyrs,
but because itself makes martyrs.
But who can comprehend that by human understanding
which not even nature has included in her laws?
Or who can explain in ordinary language
that which is above the course of nature?
Virginity has brought from heaven that which it may imitate on earth.
And not unfittingly has she sought her manner of life from heaven,
who has found for herself a Spouse in heaven.
She, passing beyond the clouds, air, angels, and stars,
has found the Word of God in the very bosom of the Father,
and has drawn Him into herself with her whole heart.
For who having found so great a Good would forsake it?
For “Your name is as ointment poured forth, therefore do the virgins love You.”

(S.S. 1:3)
St. Ambrose, Concerning Virgins

St. Yoana preached to Princess Atrasis. They were then martyred together

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