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Hail to you, O Cross, the joy of the Christians, the conquerer of the tyranny, and our steadfastness, we the faithful. 

(Feast of the Cross Doxology)


September 29, 2022 ~ Thoout 19, 1739

Beloved, let us draw near to faith, since its powers are so great.
For faith raised Enoch up to heaven…
It caused the barren to bear children.
It delivered people from the sword. It raised us from the pit.
It enriched the poor. It released […]


Sir 39:33

He will supply every need in its hour

Sir 39:332022-09-15T06:00:24-04:00

St. Augustine

Just as illusion is the soul’s punishment, so is Truth its reward

St. Augustine2022-09-15T05:59:25-04:00

Wis 3:9

Those who trust in Him will understand truth

Wis 3:92022-09-15T05:56:22-04:00

HH Pope Shenouda III

Speak when ears are ready to listen to you. If you find that the person you speak with is not ready to hear you, keep silent

HH Pope Shenouda III2022-09-15T05:54:37-04:00

St. Anthony the Great

Any virtue practiced without discernment will turn into a vice

St. Anthony the Great2022-04-24T08:34:41-04:00

St. Ephraim the Syrian

Inside the meek and humble man, the spirit of wisdom rests

St. Ephraim the Syrian2022-01-31T10:10:12-05:00