“If a man will create gods for himself,” says the Lord, “even so, they are not gods."

Jer 16:20


November 27, 2023 ~ Hathor 17, 1740

Not only do people make gods for themselves from statues,
but you will also find people making gods for themselves from their imaginations.
Such people can imagine another god and creator of the world
other than the divine plan of the world recorded by the Spirit, other than the true world.
These all have made gods for themselves, and they have worshiped the works of the hands.
So, too, I believe is the case either among the Greeks, who generate opinions, so to speak, of this philosophy or that,
or among the heretics, the first who generate opinions.
These have made idols for themselves and figments of the soul,
and by turning to them they worship the works of their hands,
since they accept as truth their own fabrications

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