For God created man for immortality & made him   an image of His own eternity. But death entered the world by the envy of the devil, & those of his portion tempt it.

Wis 2:23-24, OSB


July 13, 2024 ~ Epep 6, 1740

As painters transfer human forms to their pictures by the means of certain colors [to paint a portrait],
laying on their copy the proper and corresponding tints

so that the beauty of the original may be accurately transferred to the likeness,
so I would have you understand that our Maker also,
painting the portrait to resemble His own beauty, by the addition of virtues, as it were with colors,
shows in us His own sovereignty.
Manifold and varied are the tints, so to say, by which His true form is portrayed:
not red, or white, or the blending of these… nor a touch of black…

and all such arts which the hands of painters contrive,
but instead of these, purity, freedom from passion, blessedness, alienation from all evil,
and all those attributes of the like kind which help to form in men the likeness of God.
With such hues as these did the Maker of His own image mark our nature.
St. Gregory of Nyssa
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