St. Sarah

If I prayed God that all men should approve of my conduct, I should find myself a penitent at the door of each one, but I shall rather pray that my heart may be pure toward all

St. Sarah2021-03-27T13:21:25-04:00

H.H. Pope Kyrillos VI

He who is quick to condemn others demonstrates that he has never truly stood in the presence of the living God.

H.H. Pope Kyrillos VI2018-04-02T08:43:50-04:00

St. John Climacus

The first step toward freedom from anger is to keep the lips silent when the heart is stirred; the next, to keep thoughts silent when the soul is upset; the last, to be totally calm when unclean winds are blowing.

St. John Climacus2018-04-02T08:38:28-04:00

St. Syncletike of Alexandria

Though false teachers appear to inspire others with their words of salvation, however, by their bad works they actually bring about more harm.

St. Syncletike of Alexandria2018-01-09T10:37:58-05:00

St. Peter of Damascus

To the person who knows himself is given knowledge of all things.

St. Peter of Damascus2019-02-17T15:58:36-05:00

St. Maximus the Confessor

Love is distinguished by the beauty of recognizing the equal value of all men

St. Maximus the Confessor2017-10-18T15:38:32-04:00

An old man used to say, “Do not do anything without prayer, and thus you will not be sorry.”


HH Pope Shenouda III

Prayer is a tie, a relationship between man and God. Therefore, it is not just talk, it is a heart connected to a heart.

HH Pope Shenouda III2017-08-03T18:17:38-04:00

St. John Chrysostom

Of all the afflictions that burden the human race, there is not one, whether spiritual or bodily, that cannot be healed by the Holy Scriptures

St. John Chrysostom2017-05-26T19:03:59-04:00

St. Mark the Ascetic

A humble man who lives a spiritual life, when he reads the Holy Scriptures, will relate all things to himself and not to others

St. Mark the Ascetic2017-10-18T15:35:29-04:00