Now if all were to take fasting as the counselor for their actions,
nothing would prevent a profound peace from spreading throughout the entire world.
Nations would not rise up against one another, nor would armies clash in battle.
If fasting prevailed, weapons would not be wrought, courts of justice would not be erected, people would not live in prisons,
nor would there ever be any criminals in the deserts, any slanderers in the cities, or any pirates on the sea…
Nor would our life be so lamentable and sorrowful if fasting were to preside over our life.
For it is clear that it would have taught all people not only to control themselves with regard to food,
but also to completely avoid and be utterly estranged from avarice, greed, and every kind of vice.
When these are extirpated, nothing can prevent us from passing our life in profound peace and tranquility of soul.
St. Basil, On Fasting