God is good and the giver of goods to those who are worthy.
The devil is evil and the author of every kind of vice.
And just as freedom from envy belongs to the One who is good,
so too does jealousy belong to the devil.
So then, brothers, let us guard against the passion of envy,
lest we become accomplices in the works of our adversary
and so find ourselves condemned along with him by the same judgment…
For no passion more destructive than envy is implanted in the souls of human beings.
While having no adverse effects on those [who are envied],
it is the primary and personal evil of the one who possesses it.
For just as rust destroys iron, so too does envy destroy the soul that has it…
For envy is distress caused by your neighbor’s prosperity.
Hence the jealous person is never free from anguish, never free from despair.
St. Basil, Homily on Envy