If, then, anyone reviles us, irritates, stirs us up to violence, tries to make us quarrel –
let us keep silence, let us not be ashamed to become dumb.
For he who irritates us and does us an injury is committing sin,
and wishes us to become like himself…
It is his object to irritate, so that I may speak and act as he does.
But it is the duty of a just man to hide his feelings and say nothing,
to preserve the fruit of a good conscience,
to trust himself rather to the judgment of good men than to the insolence of a calumniator,
and to be satisfied with the stability of his own character.
For that is: To keep silence even from good words;
since one who has a good conscience ought not to be troubled by false words,
nor ought he to make more of another’s abuse than of the witness of his own heart.
St. Ambrose