The word “consecrated” means a person or a thing that is separated from common use to sacred use; by which a person or a thing is dedicated to the service and worship of God by prayers, rites, and ceremonies. 

The process of consecration consists of separationpurification, and offering. Separation means to leave behind the world and all its pleasures, to leave behind anything that pulls one away from the love of God and is an obstacle in one’s growth and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Purification refers to inner purification and holiness. Offering refers to the offering of one’s life to God, in humble thanksgiving and as a sacrifice of love. In the same way that God manifested His love to us by offering His Only Begotten Son on the Cross, our love to Him is manifested by offering our lives completely to Him. 

Our Lord Jesus Christ, referring to the Cross, said, And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself (John 12:32). In the same way, unless we are lifted on the cross, unless we sacrifice ourselves, our lives, we cannot bring others to the Lord. 

There is a great need in the church to have consecrated people, consecrated deacons and deaconesses. There are many ministries for which consecrated people are needed, some of which are the ministry of youth, ministry of children, ministry of evangelism, ministry of visitations, and ministry of the poor and needy.