St. Augustine

It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.

St. Augustine2017-02-26T14:11:38-05:00

St. Basil the Great

If you begin to guard wealth, it will not be yours. But if you begin to distribute it, you will not lose it.

St. Basil the Great2017-02-26T14:10:38-05:00

John Climacus

On humility: A lemon tree naturally lifts its branches upwards when it has no fruit. The more its branches bend, the more fruit you will find there.

John Climacus2017-01-08T16:59:46-05:00

St. Antony the Great

My children, “You know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though He was rich, yet for our sakes He became poor, that we through His poverty might become rich” (2 Cor 8:9). Behold, His bondage has made us free, and His weakness has strengthened us, and His foolishness has made us wise.

St. Antony the Great2016-11-18T22:33:18-05:00

Abbot Dorotheos

If a man does not dare to blame himself, he would not hesitate to blame even God Himself.

Abbot Dorotheos2016-09-18T11:28:23-04:00

Abbot Moses

For the gain from fasting will not balance the loss from anger, nor is the profit from reading so great as the harm which results from despising a brother.

Abbot Moses2016-09-14T14:57:18-04:00

HH Pope Tawadros II

Love never ends or fails. Love never ends. Everything must be based on love – the relation between two friends, my ministry, my service; the church services in every field must be based on love. Why? Because God is Love.

HH Pope Tawadros II2016-09-06T14:19:45-04:00

Abba Agathon

I have never lain down to sleep and kept anger in my heart, or even a thought of enmity against any man; and have never allowed any man to lie down to sleep keeping any anger against me

Abba Agathon2016-09-06T14:18:10-04:00

St. Moses the Strong

Do no harm to anyone, do not put confidence in him who does wrong to his neighbor, do not rejoice with him who injures his neighbor.

St. Moses the Strong2016-09-06T14:16:57-04:00

St. John Chrysostom

When we teach children to be good, to be gentle, to be forgiving (all these are attributes of God), to be generous, to love their fellow man, to regard this present age as nothing, we instill virtue in their souls, and reveal the image of God within them.

St. John Chrysostom2019-02-17T15:58:38-05:00