May 26, 2022 ~ Pashons 18, 1738

The hope of resurrection is the root of every kind of good work,
for the expectation of reward braces the soul to productive toil.
And whereas every worker is ready to sustain his toil if he can look forward to being repaid for his labors,
where toil has no recompense the soul is soon discouraged and the body flags with it.
A soldier who expects his share of the spoils is ready for war.
But no one is prepared to die serving a king so undiscerning that he does not provide rewards for labors.
In the same way, any soul that believes in resurrection takes care for itself, as is right,
but any soul that disbelieves the resurrection abandons itself to destruction…
While many deny [the resurrection of the dead], the truth claims credence for it…
Truth never appears but in one shape, while contradiction assumes a hundred.
St. Cyril of Jerusalem