While many people, and maybe especially females, fear being alone,
St. Mary willingly accepted to be alone for the Lord’s sake.

Perhaps that is what makes her dear to the hearts of many.

Mary was born in Alexandria around 345 AD to Christian parents.
At the age of 12, she was deceived by Satan into living a life of sin; through her, he caught innumerable souls in his evil traps.
She continued in this sinful life for 17 years, until the grace of God touched her life:
She met people from Alexandria going to Jerusalem, so she went with them. There, she continued to live in sin.
Until one day, she desired to go into the Church of the Resurrection, but she felt a power preventing her from entering the church.
This was repeated several times.
Immediately she realized that what was happening was because of her corruption.
She lifted up her eyes with a broken heart before an icon of the Virgin St. Mary.
She wept and interceded with her for the Lord to forgive her sins.
She confirmed her strong intention of leaving the life of sin, and the world completely.
Then, she entered the church without any hindrance.
She wept profusely and rejoiced for the acceptance of her repentance.
She entreated God to guide her to what was pleasing to Him, and to guide her new life.
She stood before the icon of the blessed Virgin and asked for her intercessions.
She heard a voice coming from the icon, saying,
“If you cross the Jordan River, you will find rest and salvation.”
She left the church after she had confessed and partaken of the Holy Mysteries.
On her way, she met a man who gave her 3 silver coins with which she bought bread.
Then she crossed the Jordan River to the wilderness, where she dwelt for 17 years fighting the lusts and evil desires.
She fought as if she was fighting against real beasts, until she overcame the enemy by the grace of God.
She sustained herself with the herbs and plants of the desert,
remaining there for 47 years.

Before the end of her life, God sent her the priest Zosima to give her Holy Communion.
He was the only person she saw during her time in the wilderness.

May the blessing of her prayers be with us all, and glory be to our God forever. Amen.