What made the noble Joseph a slave? Wasn’t it the envy of his brothers?
It is worth our while to marvel at the irrationality brought on by this illness {of envy} in this story.
Because they feared that his dreams would be fulfilled, they made their brother a slave,
thinking that if he were a slave, no one would ever have to pay homage to him.
And yet if dreams {from God} are true,
is there any scheme at all that can prevent the events they foretell from being fulfilled?
But if the visions seen in dreams are false, why be jealous of someone who is self-deceived?
In the present case, however, the cleverness of Joseph’s brothers was foiled by the providence of God.
For the stratagem by which they hoped to impede the event foretold
proved to be the very means of preparing the way for its fulfillment.
After all, if Joseph had not been sold, he would not have gone to Egypt.
He would not have been snared by the plots of that licentious woman when he maintained his self-control.
He would not have been thrown into prison.
He would not have become acquainted with the servants of Pharaoh.
Nor would he have 
interpreted those dreams whereby he obtained the rule of Egypt
and was paid homage by his brothers when they came to him because of the famine.
St. Basil, Homily on Envy